Flam, Norway and the 100 mile Fiord

There are no more superlatives when it comes to Flam, Norway.  Flam is a hamlet at the end of a 100 mile long fiord that cuts through giant cliffs of granite from the North Sea.  Every mile of the fiord comes with multiple waterfalls dropping thousands of feet into crystal clear and very deep waters.

It was a spectacular and very special transit in to our dock in town.

The trip down the fiord at dawn.

Adjacent to the dock was the railway station that would take us up into the mountains for more photo opportunities and a visit to an alpine hotel for waffles and coffee. Two of our travellers took their bicycles with them on the train and were going to cycle back to the ship.  One of the pictures below shows the multiple switchbacks they would follow as they travelled downhill some 6000 ft.

Our ship occupied most of the town docking facilities and dwarfed the town.

One of hundreds of waterfalls along the fiord.

The Flam Railway takes you into the mountains and hooks up with other lines to Oslo and beyond.

The trains are all electrified as the country is heavily invested in green technology.

Looking down to the valley bottom with the switch backs making for hair-raising driving for the buses.

As the legend goes there are wood nymphs alongside the waterfalls calling to the males to join them. We found one of them off to the side of the railway

The harbour was alive with activity as there is frequent ferry service here to other outports as well as rental and charter boats for dolphin watching, salmon fishing or more intimate sightseeing.  The two little hotels overlooking the harbour would be great to stay in for a longer visit.

My next post will be of Oslo which was actually the previous port of call.  Internet capability has been an ongoing challenge and the high cliffs and fiords of Norway presented very unusual reception difficulties for the ship.

I also missed telling you about Copenhagen.  Another maritime city with an illustrious history dating back to the 11th century it also had many canals to explore.  More on Copenhagen later.

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