Everywhere you turn in Barcelona is another picture

It is great to be able to see these magnificent cities with such long histories dating back centuries.  The internet on the ship is not great and trying to upload pics is not easy and takes forever.  Because of this I have to limit both the number of pictures I put on the blog and I have to go through a very slow process to reduce the file size so they will move across the internet.  Compounding the problem is that the majority of the ship’s passengers are regular world travellers who also love to take pictures and then send them to family and friends.  As we get further into Europe, hopefully our service will improve.

Architectural features dominate many of the buildings in Barcelona.

How about a little chocolate? It is a specialty of the country.

The Main Street in Barcelona is a pedestrian mall with traffic on both sides of the walkway.

Having said this, here are some more pics from Barcelona!  Enjoy…

Antoni Gaudi designed many homes in Barcelona with the distinctive curve.

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