More Pics from Aqaba and Petra

A wandering coffee seller on the beach with his coffee pot and cups.

There is so much more to say about Aqaba and Petra but words don’t do justice to the sights and sounds of these two cities. The King of Jordan is revered by everyone we spoke with.  He, his father before him and his son who will become the next king rule quite differently than the Sultan in Oman.  Oman is a absolute monarchy (the King rules supreme) while the King of Jordan is the head of a constitutional monarchy which is somewhere between Great Britain and its Queen and the United States with a President and all the powers that he personally controls outside the constitution.

Interesting to see women on the beach.  They are covered from head to toe and cannot be seen in a bathing suit…except at high end pools in the five star resorts that line the waterfront.  Marriages are not arranged as they are in Oman but living arrangements are still the same.  When one marries an addition is put on to the house and that is where you live with your parents, grandparents and other family members.  In Peru and Chile, the reinforcing rods for pouring concrete are never finished off.  The reason is that you don’t pay tax if you don’t finish the house.  In Oman and Jordan, the reinforcing rods hang out for the building of the next story to the house following a marriage. Four storey homes is the maximum.  You can also have 4 wives!

Women cannot be seen in bathing suits on the beach but still go in the water.





Goats are sold in the market with heads on and they wander freely along the highways.

Families travel to the beach for miles as Aqaba is the only port city in Jordan.

Lots of camels provide transportation and great photo opportunities around Jor

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