More Pictures from Muscat in Oman

Teak ceilings in the mosque are ornately carved.

The carpet was made by 600 women weaving together. The carpet covers the entire mosque praying area without any seams.

The tiles are on all four sides of the mosque and perfectly arranged.

The entrance to one of six royal palaces of the Sultan.

Omanian hats for sale in the souk (market).

Women must pray in a separate building with no men present. It is, however, just as spectacular.

3 thoughts on “More Pictures from Muscat in Oman

  1. Can’t wait to see you in your Omanian hat, David. Knowing a bit about the cultural practices in Oman, I have to assume the women made that huge carpet in the part of the mosque where the men, not the women, pray. That detail notwithstanding, the women’s area looks spectacular indeed, for the more spectacular gender, of course, and I am wondering if Susan took any pictures inside that building.
    You will be out of the pirate danger area by now I imagine.

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