Day Two in Mumbai – The Jury is still out!

The Gateway to India is along the waterfront.

Submarines, frigates and an aircraft carrier are all next to us.

The laundry is a sight to behold in the middle of Mumbai

How do they get the right laundry back to the right person?

Sellers of souvenirs hound you on every street corner.



As I said previously there is so much to see in Mumbai.  Fortunately one of our two days was a Sunday and the streets were less crowded than normal.  Mumbai has no subway system but the combination of a railway that brings everyone in and out of the city and a collection of taxis, with and without air conditioning make for traffic jams you would not believe.

A visit to Dhobi Ghat was a highlight of Mumbai.  There for more than a hundred years, laundry is brought to this central city location to be soaped, soaked, boiled and beaten and then ironed.  The scene is a rainbow of colour and there is no laundry ticket.  How they keep individual orders for laundry separate is a mystery to this day as there is no paper record.  Today the majority of the laundry processed here is commercial but not exclusively as the pictures demonstrate.  Around the laundry are some of the worst slums you can ever imagine.  An interesting anecdote is that only men work in the laundry.

In contrast to the laundry there is the arch known as the Gateway to India. Built in 1911 under British control, the monument sits on the waterfront to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary.  Originally it was the entrance to India for steamers arriving from Great Britain and was also the location for the final departure of the British in 1948.  A central square immediately in front of it overflows with visitors while the backside of the arch is the ferry terminal.

As we leave Mumbai, we enter pirate waters.  The next blog will detail the ship’s precautions to prevent an attack by pirates as we cross the Arabian Sea.  Many of the passengers are not sure of what to make of the threat.

Slum areas frequently surround key tourist areas.

Mahatma Gandhi’s house is preserved as is his personal library and is open to visitors.

2 thoughts on “Day Two in Mumbai – The Jury is still out!

  1. I love the cows trotting about! Am a big fan of men doing laundry! Colourful city.
    Watch out for Captain Jack Sparrow on the next leg of your adventure! WP

  2. So enjoying your notes and pictures – that laundry is amazing. When I think India I think colour! I remember being so excited to arrive in India at something like 3 am I opened the door onto the balcony and my glasses steamed up – and it was not the cold!! And what an exciting part you are now entering. Have fun!

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