Did We Have Enough To Eat?

Several of our readers have asked about the menus and the amount of food we eat on the ship.  Our schedule and ritual is very much the same as at home or at the cottage.  We go to breakfast in the Lido (A large buffet like cafeteria with floor to ceiling windows) around 8:30 am and read the daily “Canadian” as prepared overnight by the ship.  It is a summary of the Canadian news.  We then do our emails and read our favourite accounts online, all the while sipping our coffee and orange juice.  An hour of so later we finally hit the buffet table for whatever we feel like.  Items are prepared for you as you wait and staff are eager to carry your breakfast back to your table.

We don’t have lunch but every once in a while we might get a snack mid afternoon.

For dinner we go every night at 7:15 to the main dining room where we have our own table for two, our own wait staff and fortunately for us, only two tables away from where the captain and his wife eat.  Dress in the dining room is smart casual and on some nights formal which does not necessarily mean a tuxedo.  Dress in the LIdo, for me,  is my usual uniform of jeans and a golf shirt or sweatshirt.  Susan dresses more smartly in both locations but is not into the ball gowns that some of the more seasoned world travellers seem to be able to haul out for each of the formal evenings.

Below is the menu from last night’s dinner.  As you can see there is lots of variety and there is no limit to the number of items that you might like to have.  For me, the choice last night was very easy for each of the courses.  In addition to the printed menus which change each day there is a standing list of items that are always available should you not be able to find anything of interest on the menu.  This happens very rarely.  Enjoy as we we do!



4 thoughts on “Did We Have Enough To Eat?

  1. Excellent. Won’t go hungry.. what’s the itinerary from here on in. Were following you, a little jealous but happy for you two.
    Leslie and Roland.

    (As we remember, you were always a great writer and editor. Love your choice of photos.)

  2. Wow. Looks very interesting and very tasty to me. I would have a hard time making selections. The ship’s ’galley’ (so-called) must be amazing. Eat on!

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