Green Island and the Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef

It is really hard to decide what pictures to attach to a post.  In any given day I take more than 100 shots.  I download them to my iPad at night and then try and choose a few for the blog.  When I have a few chosen I then have to reduce their size and resolution as they will not send if they are a very large file size.

Today’s blog adds a few more pictures from our trip out to the Great Barrier Reef.  Stinger suits are rented to everyone that wants to go in the water to prevent jelly fish poisonous stings.  The stinger nets as show in the previous post go all the way to the bottom preventing any type of jelly fish or other organisms from getting in to the swimming areas.  Unfortunately most individuals do not swim within the designated areas.  Bottles of vinegar are strategically situated along all the beaches as an antidote for a bite.

I couldn’t figure out why all the snorkelers also wore life preservers.  It is a regulation that you cannot touch the coral reef in any manner.  With a life jacket on you can view the reef but not get down to the bottom due to the jacket’s buoyancy.  The bottom is less than a metre deep so you can see how easy it is to stand on the coral.

You can charter any type of vessel to get you out to the reef including a fleet of helicopters that land on small floating platforms on the water.  The bird life and fish life in and around the reef and adjacent rain forest is spectacular and like nothing else that you have seen before.

We are now making our way up to the tip of Australia where we will then turn to port and head for Darwin. The water is a deep green, very shallow and we still have the reef pilot on board to guide the ship through the very treacherous waters.  Once we make the turn to Darwin we can speed up.


2 thoughts on “Green Island and the Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef

  1. The colour of the water is amazing! I too, am torn….would love to jump into those beautiful waters, but not so keen to meet up with some of the creatures that call it home.

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