Sydney, Australia—One of the World’s Great Cities

After the cities in New Zealand that we visited it would be hard to fathom a more exciting and dynamic city.  Sydney is just special and world’s apart.  The weather also cooperated giving us two beautiful day in port.

With so many larger cruise ships now plying the waters, everyone cannot get under the iconic Sydney bridge.  The Amsterdam which does the world cruise is smaller than most boats doing this trip and can get into ports and harbours that others cannot.  Clearing under the bridge we docked at White Harbour Terminal while others cruisers were next to the Opera House.

Walking, taking the hop on hop off bus or ferry makes it easy to get around downtown Sydney in any direction.  On day one we elected to take a city bus tour that included most of the top historical sights and a visit to the famous Bondi beach.  Walking the beach we saw the many surfers either learning the sport in classes or out on their own in the crystal clear water.  On day two we chose the hop on hop off ferry which took us to a variety of docks in an around Sydney and we got off in Circular Key adjacent to the Opera House, the downtown business core and the ferry terminals.  One of the biggest cruise ships we have seen was docked there and had the prime spot.


Sail away was spectacular as the sun set behind us on the Opera House and the Bridge.  A number of the passengers did the Bridge walk and got back to the ship to talk about it. I was able to increase both my Lighthouse collection of pictures and add a Australian parrot to my Bird collection.  The hard drive is quickly filling up with pictures.  We are now in the Coral Sea heading north alongside the Australian coast enroute to Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef.

4 thoughts on “Sydney, Australia—One of the World’s Great Cities

  1. You are both seeing spectacular sights! I’m excited you are going to the Great Barrier Reef….I’ve always wanted to go there.

  2. Oh my goodness I am enjoying your updates David. You should be a travel writer! I am very jealous of this spectacular trip you are on. Enjoy.

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