Auckland and Tauranga and not enough time!

After Tonga it was a very eventful passage to Auckland, New Zealand.  Winds in excess of 50 mph and seas reaching more than 30 feet made for a very rough ride.  With floor to ceiling windows beside us at dinner, the setting made you feel you were inside an aquarium looking out.  Another couple described it as being inside a washing machine trying to see through the round window.  Eventually the winds subsided.

We, however steamed into Auckland harbour in perfect weather with very little wind.  So far, Auckland and Tauranga have been spectacular both for the scenery and the weather.  The harbour in Auckland is home to 120,000 yachts (yes…120,000) making for an unbelievable landscape.  Whlie there we visited a sheep ranch, a gannet colony out on a cliff along the shore and wandered along the docks of Auckland with our jaws wide open in wonder.

The next day we were in Tauranga in what has to be one of the nicest settings.  A mountain, a double beach and a coast line that is constantly changing.  Directly off the ship, no transportation is needed to see what New Zealand is all about.  It would be easy to stay in Tauranga for the rest of the winter and years. to come.  There was even a very well appointed RV campground minutes from the ship at the base of the mountain with views of the ocean all around.  In both Auckland and Tauranga we could have spent a lot more time.  A group of Maori singers and dancers has joined the ship for demonstrations of the culture and their way of life.


The ship is currently heading south to Wellington, the capital of New Zealand on the Cook Strait which separates the North Island and the South Island.  In New Zealand they call Australia the “west island”. It is not complimentary!

2 thoughts on “Auckland and Tauranga and not enough time!

  1. I missed Auckland last year. My neighbours spend their winters golfing on North Island. My sister tells me it’s been very hot and dry and there have been fires in the northern part of South Island. I wish I was along however, would not have missed the high seas 😖

  2. Love your writing and the pictures. As I read your description of the seas I had to laugh…….. We had something like that on a 75 ft sail boat between the Canary Islands and Africa in the early 1970s.

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