Anchored in Bora Bora

The island of Bora Bora in French Polynesia is really a “never forget” location made famous when the American military constructed a runway and built a base days after the bombing of Pearl Harbour. The island was to be a staging location for aircraft and ships in the war against Japan.

The anchorage is entered by way of a narrow and shallow cut through the outer encircling reef. Once inside there is no wind and one can drop the anchor in a totally protected lagoon. The anchorage is popular for cruise ships and sail boats from around the world. Like the Americans after the war, many visitors do not want to leave.

For our tour we elected to take a shuttle bus around the island following the coast. Lush vegetation, beautiful vistas and the world famous condos that are built on stilts in the water make you want to stay longer. The condo cottages rent for one thousand American dollars a night and do not include food or liquid refreshments. A famous restaurant and bar on the coast is Bloody Marys and is adorned with many photos of the rich and famous having their signature drink.

We are now off to Tonga, another island paradise on our way to New Zealand.

5 thoughts on “Anchored in Bora Bora

  1. David. Your posts have been excellent! We enjoy them every day, and look forward to them. The pictures are wonderful. Please keep them coming. Jim and Pat Tucker

  2. The photos are great, David. Thanks for all the posts. Your sunny skies, palm trees and fresh flower wreaths could not be more of a contrast to the frigid cold here in NB.

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