So much to see in Peru

0C0F2331-3477-4A9D-9C01-665B13BDDBA69B89D049-961E-4E65-A21C-6DB5D57013C7For the past two days we have been docked in the port city of Callao, Peru.  Called a city it really is a suburb of Lima. Lima is truly a city of contrasts.  Not only is the contrast between civilizations evident, there is a marked difference between Lima under communisn and now under democracy.  Under communism, all imports were banned (sound vaguely familiar) and many of the large corporations in Lima went bankrupt.  Their huge buildings and plants remain empty and derelict

Many of the churches date back more than 500 years and reflect both Spanish and Italian      influences.  We sampled a Peruvian buffet restaurant that was absolutely first class.  Once again the disparity between society classes is very numbing.  Up until a few years ago only 4% of people paid taxes in Peru.  This year less than 17% of Peruvians pay any tax.  No wonder the schools, hospitals, and roads are appalling.

I am having trouble deciding on which pictures to post.  The pic of a mother and her two kids selling trinkets is special.






4 thoughts on “So much to see in Peru

  1. Thanks David, I am enjoying traveling with you and Susan.
    Great adventures for sure. Enjoy it all and keep the pictures and blog coming!

  2. Susan and others on the ship have made the same comment but we have seen many young women with similar broods. They all demand money for taking their picture. Usually the charge is one dollar per person in the picture. Amazingly kids just seem to appear when a picture is being taken,

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