Docked in Santa Marta, Columbia

Woke up this morning to blue skies, eighty degrees and a flat sea.  Tied to the pier the ship is not rocking and will make for a great day of sight seeing in this quaint Columbia port town of Santa Marta.

This is the oldest city in Columbia and the second oldest in South America. The port is guarded by a lighthouse high up on a very rocky island. The port is an interesting mix of high end container shipping, a local fishing industry and a major coal distribution centre.  Tourism is major with cruise ships now regularly calling.  Streets near the dock are lined with vendors selling local trinkets and a variety of fresh fruits.

After a day in Santa Marta the ship departed just after 5:00 p.m. for the San Blais islands where we will anchor and dingy in to shore.


7 thoughts on “Docked in Santa Marta, Columbia

  1. Santa Marta looks charming from the photo. I wonder what the
    Blas Islands will be like? Glad it is warmer! Warming up in AZ and I am staying until March 4.
    Joe & Pat

  2. Hi guys. Pictures are great. Enjoy seeing them.🌴🌴we are getting ready for a rainy day tomorrow.
    Have Fun

    Bob & Grace

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