Underway Passing Cuba

We are underway having departed Fort Lauderdale at 9:00 pm on Tuesday evening.  The weather is warm but rainy and very windy.  For the past 12 hours the wind has been over 60 kph making for a very bumpy ride.  The ship is very stabilized but you do need to establish your sea legs as you walk sideways down the hall.  Has not stopped us from enjoying all the ship has to offer from a food and beverage standpoint.  Last night’s sail away party was a great start.

Below are pictures of the Crow’s Nest which overlooks the bow of the ship and is a great vantage point to see dead ahead and shots of the carpets which keep reminding you of where the front and the back of the ship are located.  They are also colour coordinated to port (red) and starboard (green).